UT Series

Outdoor fixed installation series, Ultra high brightness, High image quality even under direct sunlight, IP65 waterproof design with Long-lasting Anti-attenuation Ability.


Aluminium cabinet with only 100mm depth. Easy installation and fast maintenance. Elegant design of simple and smooth shape.

Thickness: 100mm

Light Weight

Supper light weight. This series is designed for easy installation and maintenance. Solid and reliable water proof design ensures all accessories have longer service life.

Only 29kg/m2

Energy Saving

The unique design of lower voltage power supply, large size chips, energy-saving IC decrease the power consumption up to 30%. 

Save 30% power consumption

Front &Back Serviceability

Front Service

  • Turn the maintenance tool and loosen the screws

  • Remove the module

  • Use a screwdriver to remove the cable and take out the module

Back Service

  • Dismantling the Protective cover

  • loosen screws

  • Unscrewing the module lock and disassemble the module

Application Scenario

This product can be widely applied to different outdoor applications, such as shopping center, stadium, parks, etc.

Technical Parameters

ITEM UT-6 UT-8 UT-10 UT-16
Pixel Configuration SMD 3-in-1  SMD 3-in-1  DIP (1R1G1B) DIP (1R1G1B)
Pixel Pitch (mm) 6 8 10 16.667
Cabinet Resolution (Pixels) 192x192 144x144 120x120 72x72
Cabinet Size (WxH mm) 1152x1152 1152x1152 1200x1200 1200x1200
Cabinet Area  (m2) 1.32 1.32 1.44 1.44
Weight (kg/m2) 29 29 30 30
Ingress Protection IP65(Front)/IP54(Back)
Brightness (Nits) 5000-6000 5000-6000 8000-10000 8000-10000
Viewing Angle (Degree H/V) 140/120 140/120 120/60 120/60
Contrast Ratio 2000:1 2000:1 2000:1 2000:1
MAX. Power Consumption (W/m2) 700 700 300-450 300-450
AVG. Power Consumption (W/m2) 233 233 140 140
Serviceability Front/Rear optional
Frequency Rate (HZ) ≥1920 ≥1920 ≥2880 ≥3840
Operating Temperature/Humidity -20°C~+50°C -20°C~+50°C -20°C~+50°C -20°C~+50°C
Humidity 10~90% RH 10~90% RH 10~90% RH 10~90% RH

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